Every Day Ready (EDR) is a NC based training organization providing training in firearms, self-protection, tactical medical, and emergency preparedness. EDR services both the civilian and law enforcement market with training aimed at protection and preserving life.

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Why Train With EDR – There are many places where a person can go to shoot or get firearms training. EDR is the only place in the triangle region where a person can access ALL of the following from one source:

♦  Access to our own private training facility located right here in the Triangle Area, complete with shoot house and range vehicles.

♦  Defensive Handgun training spanning from beginner to advanced courses, including handgun courses focused on developing tactics for dealing with real world deadly force encounters.

♦  Carbine training spanning from basic operation to advanced tactical carbine skills.

♦  Night & Light training

♦  NCDOJ certified Concealed Carry certification

♦  Youth rifle training

♦  Tactical Medical training enabling both law enforcement and civilians to provide medical response in deadly force encounters and stop the bleeding before 1st responders arrive on scene.

♦  Medical Responder training for businesses, institutions, and churches, including public access medical kits to help citizens stop the bleeding before 1st responders arrive.

♦  Active-Shooter training for schools, churches, business, and institutions.

♦  Retail sales of trauma medical supplies, trauma kits, tactical gear, body armor, and training equipment.

All this & more at competitive prices and right here in the triangle area!

At Every Day Ready, our instructors are committed to helping our students become skilled and confident defenders.  We strive to uphold the highest levels of safety in defensive training, while ensuring that our clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience as well.

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At Every Day Ready, we strive to stay abreast of new developments in training science and to constant work to improve our programs for the good of our students. Our reputation for the highest levels of service is well established and echoed in the feedback from our clients.

“The bad guy controls everything…

…if they will attack

…who they will attack

…when they will attack

…how they will attack

…the level of force they will they use

…when & if they stop the attack

You only get to control ONE thing…will you be ready?”