Advanced Carbine Application


Advanced Carbine Application (ACA) is intended to increase shooting distance, speed, ability to shoot on the move, ability to use cover & concealment, and the ability to function under stress.  Fundamental defensive shooting skills are reviewed and higher standards of accuracy and speed are stressed.  Application drills are more complex and intended to help shooters learn to function under stress.

ACA places a high degree of emphasis on threat identification.  ACA will also present shooters with 3-dimensional and scenario based shooting drills that challenge both shooting skills and critical decision making skills.

Successful completion of the CO1 and CO2 courses are required to take this course.  After completing ACA, you will have acquired the foundational skill sets on which more advanced training may be built.

The ACA course requires a carbine/rifle, sling, spare magazines and magazine carrier along with 400 rounds of ammunition.  EDR provides rental firearms and ammunition sales of .223.

Course Length: 8 hours