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Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1)
Fundamentals & defensive shooting skills

Defensive Handgun 2 (DH2)
Skills enhancement & higher level skills

Advanced Handgun Application (AHA)
Skills enhancement & higher level skills

Home Defense Tactics
Skills development for in and around the home and urban areas

Vehicle Defense Tactics
Skills development for in and around vehicles

Center Axis Relock
Enhanced additive skills for CQB and full 360 degree engagement

Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH)
NC Concealed Carry Handgun – How EDR provides required training for certification

Concealed Carry Legal (CCL)
NC Concealed Carry – legal lecture only

Night & Light (N&L)
Low light shooting, hand held lights, & weapon mounted lights

Youth Introduction to Firearms (YIF)
Youth firearms safety & training

Carbine Operator 1 (CO1)
Primary carbine operator training

Carbine Operator 2 (CO2)
Enhanced carbine training

EDR Open Training (OT)
Special low price training & practice for previous EDR clients only

Private Lessons (PVT)
Customized private training for individuals or groups

Defensive Medical (Def-Med)
Prepare for and respond to violent trauma incidents such as a gunshot or stabbing injury