Open Training

EDR Open Training (OT) – Special low price training & practice for EDR clients only

  • Do you need an opportunity and place to practice your firearms skills?
  • Do you want to practice your skills in an informal environment that provides organized shooting drills, special training activities, and instructor assistance if you need it?

The EDR OT may be just what you have been looking for.  OT is offered exclusively to EDR clients.

An OT event is not a structured training environment like other EDR classes.  OT will present different organized shooting activities throughout the day which are aimed at different skill levels.  The activities will be designed to challenge both shooting skills as well as defensive decision making abilities.  Shooters may arrive and leave whenever they want.  You can shoot as much or as little as you wish.  If you need assistance with any skills or drills, our instructors will be there to assist you.

EDR intends to offer some very fun and exciting shooting activities at these clinics.  Shooters will have the opportunity to work with challenging scenario drills, force-on-force training, working around vehicles, found-gun drills, and other exciting and educational activities.

EDR will ensure that all shooters participate within their known skill levels. EDR reserves the right to deny shooters access to certain drills if their participation presents or increases danger to shooters or instructors.

Bring as much or as little ammo as you want.  EDR will have 9mm & .45 ammo for sale if you need it.

Again, only EDR clients who have trained with EDR will be eligible to attend these special shooting clinics.

Clinic Length: 4 hours (8am – noon OR noon-4:30pm), come & go as you please.  Registration will include the time block.