Tactical Carbine 2

Tactical Carbine 2 (TC2) is a 1-day course with an objective reinforce fundamental carbine/rifle skills, expand performance limits, learn additional essential skills, and develop the the capability to operate a carbine rifle in a variety of conditions.

TC2 presents enhancement of existing skill sets, malfunctions, alternative shooting positions, use of cover, transitions, movement, and more.

This course is recommended for those who completed TC1 AND have mastered fundamental skills, OR those with prior training who desire to further develop their tactical carbine skills.

    CO3 course pic CO2 course pic
 The TC2 course requires a carbine rifle, sling, 5 magazines minimum, magazine holder(s), and 600 rounds of ammunition. Students may use .22LR carbines with pre-approval by EDR. EDR has .223 ammunition available for purchase.

Course Length: 8 hours