Tactical Carbine 1


Tactical Carbine 1(TC1)  provides shooters with basic carbine manipulation and shooting instruction. The course begins at a basic level and brings shooters to a higher level of safety, proficiency, and confidence in carbine operation. The course primarily addresses operation of AR15 type systems, but can also support the operation of AK and other common carbine systems.

Shooters will learn basic manual of arms, carry techniques, ready positions, zeroing the rifle, fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, shooting positions, reloading, clearing soft malfunctions, and will learn to employ the carbine rifle at ranges from 5yds to 200yds. TC1 includes a basic carbine qualification to establish a baseline measurement of skills.


CO1 more VTAC

During the TC1 course, shooters will fire on both paper and steel targets. The course is hands-on and contains very limited lecture time. Students will also receive brief instruction in basic field stripping and cleaning of their carbine rifle.

While students will benefit the most from the use of ‘iron’ sights in training, students may use red-dot or other optics as they desire. Optics with higher magnification are not recommended as they are not suitable for the close range work in this course.

The TC1 course requires a carbine rifle, sling, 5 magazines minimum, magazine holder(s), and 400 rounds of ammunition. Students may use .22LR carbines with pre-approval by EDR. EDR has 5.56/.223 ammunition available for purchase. Rental carbines may be available – contact EDR if you do not have a carbine rifle.

Course Length: 8 hours