About EDR

Every Day Ready (EDR) was formed by a group of North Carolina citizens who believe in helping Americans protect themselves from harm.  EDR staff have come together with skills obtained in the military service, law enforcement, tactical firearms academies, EMS, martial arts, and the disaster response industry.

Scope of Services – EDR provides an incredibly diverse array of training focused on protection and preservation of life.  Our courses encompass defensive handgun, carbine, medical, and tactics all aimed at helping citizens protect themselves.  Once you train with us, you will understand why EDR is highly regarded for quality defensive training.

Staff – EDR instructors carry certifications from Blackwater, US Training Center, Academi, Sabre Tactical, NRA, NCDOJ, Krav Maga Worldwide, among others.  EDR instructors undergo continuing education and in-house training to keep skills honed and develop instructor capabilities.  We at EDR have committed countless hours of effort and training to enable EDR and the high quality of training and service it provides.

Customer Satisfaction – EDR is also certified by the growing number of satisfied customer that we have trained in recent years.  We are proud say that our record speaks for itself in the voices and writings of those who have become our clients.  Read our reviews at www.facebook.com/TrainWithEDR/  We invite you to join EDR and its following of satisfied customers in the quest to develop confident, capable, and independent Americans who remain every day ready.

Location – From our private training site located near Raleigh NC, EDR is centrally located to serve the Triangle area of North Carolina and surrounding areas.  Why drive hours to a remote location to train, when you can train close to home with the professional instructors at EDR.