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23 hours ago

Every Day Ready

Q. Anybody own a plate carrier? Curious as to what everyone owns and why you bought that brand or any recommendations. Is an AR500 veritas or Condor good enough or do I need to look at more expensive carriers like Crye Precision, 5.11 or Shellback? Thanks for your help.

A. Avoid beginning this decision with preconceptions of choices. Mission drives the gear train, so start with..."what is the role and requirements for this gear?"

What threats to stop?
What budget?
Weight class? (lighter=more expensive)


From the standpoint of a basic mil-type carrier, the Condor is low cost and will serve you admirably.

Another cool option is the ELSA. This carrier is in the form of a canvas briefcase. When needed it quickly deploys into a full plate carrier. It can be outfitted with ammo, medical, or other gear.

It's covert and transports well because of its modular nature. I can deploy it from a vehicle to full readiness in 24sec, and that includes loading and making the weapon ready. (have video to prove this).

The ELSA can be outfitted with any 10x12 plate and is available in different colors and patterns. This carrier is very well designed for use here in CONUS. Its plenty durable in its construction and is one-size-fits-most.

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3 days ago

Every Day Ready

Happy December! Eleven months down. One more to go and 2020 will be in the rearview mirror. As we are make ready for the adventures waiting for us in 2021, one question comes to mind: Are you Every Day Ready? If not, come train with us!

Here is the link to register for December classes:


If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate to give as a Christmas gift, then email amy.edge@active-threat-solutions.com for more information.
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4 days ago

Every Day Ready

This upcoming weekend is set up to build/re-tune those advanced carbine skills!
Sat - Tactical Carbine 2 (1-day)
Sat Night - Low Light Carbine
Sat/Sun - 2-Day Advanced Carbine
There are slots still available for all courses.
Registration at every-day-ready.com/?page_id=14
#trainwithedr #everydayready
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1 week ago

Every Day Ready
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