Night & Light


NL_sThe Night & Light (N&L) course is designed to train shooters to prepare for and operate in low light or dark conditions.  Statistically, most deadly encounters occur at night but very few shooters actually possess the knowledge and training to operate in darkness.

During the N&L course you will receive instruction in eye physiology, low light sights, hand held lights, and weapon lights.  You will also shoot at night in darkness using all your low light and night equipment. You will learn about light selection and how to avoid accidental shootings by identifying your potential threats before you shoot..

Students must acquire both a hand-held tactical light and a weapon mounted light for this course. EDR instructors are happy to provide suggestions for purchasing of a proper and cost effective lighting solutions.  Training will begin before dark and will end by 9pm.  Typically this course will be offered after some DH1 courses, so that students may stay late to take advantage of evening training.

This course requires 200 rounds of ammo.  EDR provides rental firearms and ammunition sales of 9mm & .45 ammo.

Course Length: no more than 4 hours