Concealed Carry Legal


CCL course pic

Concealed Carry Legal (CCL) presents only the lecture portion of NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) training, which covers NC law and other topics surrounding concealed carry.  This course must be taken in conjunction with our DH1 course as a means of meeting all the NCDOJ concealed carry requirements while at the same time providing a full day of range training instead of only a half-day.

CCH_s Shooters who wish to access more training at a better value should sign up for our CCL course and our DH1 course for a total of only $175.  The combination of both courses exceeds requirements by the NCDOJ and will permit EDR to issue a CCH certificate.  Shooters must take the CCL within 90 days of the DH1 class.

EDR highly recommends this training strategy for our clients because they can obtain more defensive handgun training and more trigger time at a better value.  We at EDR believe that the additional range training is very beneficial for shooters who wish to be able to perform in a deadly force encounter.

CCL is also a good refresher course for previously certified NC CCH permit holders who have not had formal instruction on recent changes in NC laws relating to concealed carry.

A firearm and ammo are not required for this course.

Course Length: 4 hours (CCL Only) 12 hours (CCL+DH1)