Concealed Carry Handgun


CCH_sEDR’s focus on the development of proficiency and mindset results in a different approach to providing the required training for the NC Concealed Carry Handgun permit.  EDR requires the completion of two (2) courses prior to the issuance of a the certificate of training for the NC CCH permit; The Defensive Handgun 1 (DH1) and Concealed Carry Legal (CCL).  The combination of these two courses covers all aspects of the NCDOJ ‘Red’ book but result in significantly more hands on training and skill development on defensive handgun use.  Completing these two (2) course exceed the minimum training requirements established by the NCDOJ, all requirements in NC law, handgun fundamentals, basic defensive shooting, and topics surrounding concealed carry.  Students may elect to take the DH1 and CCL course no more than 90 days apart.

During the CCL course, the ‘Red’ book and other materials will be provided as part of the course.  The DH1 course requires a handgun, holster, spare magazines and magazine carrier along with 350 rounds of ammunition.  EDR offers rental firearms and ammunition sales of 9mm & .45 ammo.

Combined Course Length: 12 total hours ( 4 hours for CCL, 8 hours for DH1)