Defensive Handgun Progression



Defensive Handgun Progression (DHP) is our intermediate defensive handgun course.  DHP is designed to enhance previously learned skills to higher levels and to introduce new skill sets that all defensive shooters should know.  Students will learn to perform existing skills faster, to use verbal commands, to shoot single-handed, to shoot with their support hand, to become more dynamic, and to deal with more complex malfunction scenarios.  After completing this 4hr module and being cleared by EDR instructors, a student may choose from any of our intermediate course modules.

Students that carry concealed are advised to come prepared with their concealed carry holsters and clothing so that they may train in concealed carry mode.  EDH places a high degree of emphasis on threat identification.  EDH will also present shooters with 3-dimensional scenario based shooting drills that challenge both shooting skills and critical decision making skills.

Successful qualification of the DHF course is required to take this course.  Shooters will shoot a DHP qualification test at the end of training to establish mastery of skills for this course.  Shooters are also encouraged to research and study field stripping and assembly of their handguns before this class.  After completing DH2, you will have acquired the basic foundational skill sets on which more advanced training may be built.

The DHP course requires a handgun, holster, spare magazines and magazine carrier along with 350 rounds of ammunition.  EDR provides rental firearms and ammunition sales of 9mm & .45 ammo.

Course Length: 8 hours