High-Risk Mobility (HRM) 2-day Course, Dec 11-12, 2021


December 11 - 08:00 am


December 12 - 04:30 pm

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Every Day Ready

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Every Day Ready Private Range

6702 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613

Raleigh, NC, US, 27613

Our daily environment can become high-risk overnight due to world events. This course is all about your vehicle and your readiness.

Every Day Ready is proud to present our 2-day High Risk Mobility course. Your environment can quickly become a high-risk environment due to local or world events.

HRM is all about preparing you to mobilize in or through a active high risk environment. HRM addresses vehicle preparation, mobilization planning, communications, defensive driving skills, convoy driving skills, vehicle security, reaction to contact, and vehicle combative skills.

Cost: $595 per student

Vehicle Pre-requisites: We will be using rental vehicles for the driving training in this course, both on road and off road. Trainees who wish to drive in the course must provide a valid drivers license, certificate of insurance, and other information as necessary to be added to the vehicle rental contract before the course date. If you cannot be listed as an additional rental car driver, you cannot drive on public roads in this course.

Pre-requisites: Trainees must possess functional Intermediate or Advanced carbine & handgun skillset and shall be vetted on site by EDR. EDR reserves the right to alter or disallow participation in certain higher-risk drills if a trainee fails to demonstrate sufficient ability to conduct that activity safely.

Ammo Count: 400rds carbine/200rds pistol (EDR has bulk 9mm for sale on site or anytime – cash only)

Training Location: Saturday & Sunday from 8:00am – 5:00pm, w/1hr lunch

4807 Corbett Ridge Rd. Mebane, NC 27302

On arrival at this site, you will be shown where to park and directed to the classroom.

Eligibility to Attend:

  • Each student MUST submit a completed and signed EDR waiver
  • Each student MUST submit a COVID-19 self-assessment form and meet the requirements of the COVID policy in order to be eligible to train.
  • Each student MUST meet pre-requisite requirements as noted above, or be otherwise approved to attend the course by EDR. Contact EDR wish questions.
  • Each student MUST meet all Federal and State laws to possess and operate a handgun
  • http://www.ncdoj.gov/getdoc/32344299-a2a7-4ae5-99fd-9018262f64ac/NC-Firearms-gun-Laws.aspx
  • https://www.atf.gov/file/11241/download

Student Required Items for the Course: Handgun (rentals are available for $25/day. Each rental includes a holster, spare magazines, a magazine carrier)

  • Valid drivers license
  • Certificate of insurance – contact your insurance company to get a copy
  • Carbine (Rental carbines are available for $35/day. Each rental includes a carbine rifle, sling, spare magazines, and magazines pouches)
  • Handgun (Rental handguns are available for $25/day. Each rental includes a holster, spare magazines, a magazine carrier)
  • A holster that fits your handgun (no soft, SERPA, cross-draw, or shoulder holsters are allowed for safety reasons)
  • Extra magazine(s) and magazine carrier if available.
  • Ammunition as identified in the requirements (EDR will have bulk 9mm available on site – cash only)
  • Eye protection approved for shooting (clear is best)
  • Ear protection approved for shooting
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Long Pants with a sturdy belt are required
  • Appropriate outdoor shoes, no open-toed shoes are permitted
  • A ball cap with visor is recommended
  • Jacket and layers to adjust for comfort (waterproof is recommended)
  • Hydration – EDR recommends at least 1gal of water per person
  • Lunch and snacks

If any student has any special needs or requirements, please inform EDR prior to enrolling. If the student does not have any of the required items, they can usually be purchased through the Every Day Ready store. Please contact EDR if you have any questions regarding equipment…we can save you money & grief by helping you avoid inappropriate equipment before you purchase it. Learn first, then buy.

Organizer Contact Info: 919.795.9208 contact@every-day-ready.com

Refund Policy: Our default cancellation deadline is 2-weeks from the class date.  EDR may elect to provide refunds within that 2-week time frame on a case-by-case basis.  Typical cases resulting in refund are death in the family, grievous medical issue, nuclear war, or inability to make a weather-rescheduled date.  Due to our registration service, registration fees are non-refundable.

Every Day Ready, LLC is a Raleigh based training organization providing exceptional training in firearms, self-protection, and emergency preparedness. EDR is provides a wide array of training for handgun, carbine, special skills, and tactical medical. Our reputation for quality and customer service is unmatched.

Print, sign, and bring the EDR waivers to class with you, or you can fill one out on site. Please arrive for class at least 20 minutes early so you can get your gear situated and be ready to start. Contact EDR with any questions.