Center Axis Relock


Center Axis Relock or CAR is a shooting system designed to enhance close-quarters fighting capabilities.  The CAR system enhances your existing skill set by…

  • Increasing weapon protection during close quarters confrontationCAR2
  • Enhancing ability to shoot on the move
  • Enabling 360deg aimed & supported fire from a seated position in a vehicle
  • Expanding flexibility & redundancy by shooting with both hands and both eyes
  • Working with your bodies natural tendencies
  • Reducing the effects of Body Alarm Response

Our 2-day CAR user course teaches basic CAR skill sets, biological basis for CAR techniques, close quarters engagement, weapon protectioin techniques, shooting on the move, employing CAR from a vehicle, and much more.

Prior training and/or experience is required to participate in CAR training.  Contact EDR to see if you qualify for training in the CAR system.

The DH2 course requires a handgun, holster, spare magazines and magazine carrier along with 1000 rounds of ammunition.  EDR provides rental firearms and ammunition sales of 9mm & .45 ammo.


Course Length: 16 hours

Cost:  $250.00