The EDR Logo

Spartan Warrior Logo

Every Day Ready (EDR) has chosen a Spartan Warrior as our symbol and logo. You may have noticed that many other groups have also chosen the Spartan as their symbol. Sports teams, military units, other defense related businesses have for various reasons used the noble Hoplite Warrior to symbolize their cause. Here is why we at EDR have chosen the Spartan Warrior as our symbol…

The Spartans were legendary among Greek warrior types and were the only professional army of the day. Their very existence consisted of preparing themselves for the eventuality of war that was so common in their time. Their renowned prowess in warfare was due in part to their mindset, their constant rigorous training, and their innovative tactics. In the same way that the Spartiates prepared their warriors for combat, so we at EDR seek to prepare our clients to protect themselves from threats they might encounter in our modern age. The notion of mindset, skills, and tactics apply to the needs our EDR clients just as they did for the Spartans.

Perhaps the best analogy to describe EDR’s attachment to the Spartan ethos is that of their shield, the “hoplon”. The shield was central in their war plan as it provided much needed protection from threats during battle. When in battle formation, Greek warriors would overlap their heavy shields to provide a continuous wall of protection from arrows, spears, and swords. Legend states that when young Spartans went away to war, their mothers would tell them, “e tan, e epi tan”. This loosely translates to, “return with this shield, or upon it”. Essentially they were saying that the warriors were to stand with their shields and fight, or die in the effort. If they won the day, they returned with their shield. If they died in battle, they were brought home lying upon their shield. They had but two options: prevail in the fight or die trying. Giving up or yielding to their enemy was never an option.

We at EDR see the mindset, skills, and tactics that we provide to our clients as their “hoplon” shield. Like all of us, our clients must go forth and pursue their lives in a world that is unfortunately shared with a number of evil people that are willing to do great harm to others. The Spartan spirit of “e tan, e epi tan” applies to our clients just as it did for the Spartans. We hope that all of our clients will live happy and productive lives, however, should they encounter evil men who mean to do them harm, we want them to remember the “hoplon” shield we have given them. We want them to remember that no matter what fear and threats they might face, that they should not allow themselves to be a victim, but instead they must be the warrior. They must fight with all that they have to protect themselves or their families. E tan, e epi tan.  Every. Day. Ready.