Carbine Operator 2

CO2 working facing movements

Carbine Operator 2 (CO2) is for carbine shooters who have either taken CO1, or have experience and can basically operate their carbine rifle system. CO2 is designed to take carbine shooters to the next level in operation, proficiency, and tactics. Less time is spent on basic skills so that more time is available to address more advanced skills. The course primarily addresses operation of AR15 type systems, but can also support the operation of AK and other common carbine systems.

CO2 will perform a brief review of basic skills to ensure that all shooters are capable and qualified for the course. EDR reserves the right to limit a shooters PCOparticipation in advanced skills and drills if the shooter has misrepresented their capabilities and presents a hazard to themselves and/or others. During this time, EDR will also shore up any shortfalls in basic skill sets before proceeding with training.

CO2 will enhance skills in handling, reloading, advanced malfunctions, and shooting positions. Shooters will become dynamic and learn to shoot on the move. Shooters will also learn to work with cover & concealment, including operation around vehicles. Shooters will be presented with challenging drills and scenarios which will exercise all skill sets.

CO2 will include handgun transition training. Those students wishing to acquire skills in using a handgun and carbine together should come equipped with a handgun, holster, and pistol ammo. Basic handgun skills are required, including the ability to draw and fire. Again, EDR reserves the right to limit any shooters participation in any skills that pose a hazard to themselves or others.

While students will benefit the most from the use of ‘iron’ sights in training, students may use red-dot or other optics as they desire. Optics with higher magnification are not recommended as they are not suitable for the close range work in this course.

    CO3 course pic CO2 course pic
 The CO2 course requires a carbine rifle, sling, 5 magazines minimum, magazine holder(s), and 600 rounds of ammunition. Students may use .22LR carbines with pre-approval by EDR. EDR has .223 ammunition available for purchase.

Course Length: 8 hours

Price: $175.00