Every Day Ready (EDR) is a training institution committed to the self-protection and emergency preparedness of American citizens.  EDR provides its clients with an array of firearms training, situational awareness, and other skills necessary to develop confidence and preparedness and is conveniently located in the Raleigh/Durham ‘Triangle’ area.  EDR prides itself in providing what we consider to be the highest quality array of self-protection training offered in the Triangle area.

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Why Train With EDRThere are many places that offer firearms training. EDR rises above others with an array of defensive training that spans mind, skills, and tactics. Our training is specifically designed to prepare a person to survive and win a fight for their lives. EDR is the only place in the triangle region where a person can access all of the following from one source:

♦  Access an array of Defensive Handgun training from concealed carry and novice handgun training, to advanced handgun training that prepares students to defend themselves in many environments

♦  Learn to operate your AR15 or AK47 rifle, from basic operation to advanced tactical carbine skills

♦  Learn to develop situational awareness, streetwise behavior, and physical defense options

♦  Advanced scenario based training using our shoot-house, range vehicles, & role players in real-world scenario based training

♦   Self-protection training for schools, churches, and businesses

♦   All this & more at competitive prices and right here in the triangle area!

We are serious trainers committed to helping our students become skilled shooters and confident defenders.  We strive to uphold the highest levels of safety and defensive training, while ensuring that our clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience as well.

Scenario Based Training – EDR is committed to providing scenario based training to the citizens.  Flat range work is great for introducing shooters to basic or new skills, however scenario based training enhances motor-learning where shooters must make critical decisions, in more realistic conditions, and work to solve their problems. EDR uses both range vehicles and a shoot-house to create more realistic environment.  Adrenaline will be up, mistakes will be made and a lot will be learned from those mistakes.

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EDR is committed to the concept of training like you would have to fight in the event of a deadly encounter.  Scenario based training helps create shooters who are better prepared to deal with the stress of a deadly encounter.  Even level 1 classes will participate in some degree of scenario type training.  As EDR student’s progress, they will find many opportunities in advanced courses to participate in even more scenario based training.  In fact, several of our advanced courses are almost entirely scenario-based!